Feasibility Analysis

Analyze whether the business is financially viable .
Determine whether employees want to take on ownership
Establish whether the cooperative model is the right Cultural fit.

Financing Assistance

Help secure buyout financing.
Determine appropriate financing options and capital management.
Explore Employee Share Ownership Plans and other models.

Business and Cooperative Development

Prepare ownership and workers for transition.
Planning to balance co-op association with business enterprise.
Cooperative development and governance training.
Training to help shift employee to owner mindset.

Transition and Incorporation

Incorporation including Memorandum and Rules, Legal support.
Balance sheet and capital planning from the outset.
Marketing the “Cooperative Advantage” from day one.

Ongoing Support and Aftercare

Governance, help with Board and Annual General Meetings.
Cooperative training.
Attracting and educating new members when necessary.

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